The Best Roadside Assistance Protection: Coach-Net

The purchase of an RV is at the pinnacle of travel investment. The single purchase grants countless travel excursions at your convenience and at your comfort.  Not to mention the peace that comes from avoiding airport shenanigans and unpacking your suitcase only once! However, before you go riding off into the sunset in your new rig, there is one thing we highly recommend you consider purchasing and that is Coach-Net’s 24/7 Roadside Assistance.  

Why Coach-Net?

Picture this, you’re listening to your favorite morning radio program, sipping coffee in the passenger seat of the RV when suddenly your spouse in the driver’s seat, clutches their chest and their breathing becomes labored. You’re in unfamiliar territory both mentally and physically. What do you do?

Call Coach-Net or open their mobile app to request roadside assistance. Coach-Net is accessible 24/7 while traveling in the United States and Canada. When you’re in trouble, a Coach-Net agent’s first question will be, “Thank you for calling Coach-Net, are you in a safe area?” When made clear you are safe, after experiencing something so frightening, a trusted RV expert will assist you with getting the help that you need.

Let’s face it, very few of us think clearly when under pressure. This is where your Coach-Net agent comes in and figures out your next steps. Coach-Net agents will act as your personal RV assistant in an emergency by locating the nearest hospital, identifying the closest and most reputable RV service department, dispatching the sizeable tow truck necessary to get your RV to a safe location, and securing over-night stays for you at nearby hotels.    

With any type of vehicle, you run the risk that something could go wrong. RVs are not excluded from these unfortunate scenarios, which is why having a back-up plan with Coach-Net is crucial. Coach-Net has a network of over 40,000 roadside assistance providers and a suite of other products, which means they will almost always have someone close by and ready to help.

Everyday Roadside Assistance

When you say road-trip, your RV says how fun! The ability to travel on your own schedule is the type of freedom our country prefers and likely a key reason you own or want to own an RV.  Shouldn’t your protection and safety on the road adhere to your schedule, too?

Coach-Net’s 24/7 roadside assistance offers a resounding YES!

As RV owners and adventure enthusiasts, it is our responsibility to prepare for the best and worst-case scenarios. When you have Coach-Net’s roadside assistance plan, you can check off 80% off your preparation list and spend more time enjoying the journey. 

BCS Approved & Recommended

Beaver Coach Sales is highly selective when it comes to product offerings, just take a look at our inventory.  We wouldn’t recommend anything short of the best for our customers.

“ As our industry recognizes Coach-Net as THE premier option for roadside service, we are very happy to represent their service to all of our clients and employees. Coach-Net extends much further than just your RV.  Their service covers “You”. Members are covered in ANY vehicle they are traveling in, including their personally owned cars, motorcycles, rented vehicles as well as when traveling as a passenger in a friend or relatives vehicle. Services are available globally and generally include “Life Flight” type benefits as well.  I have many very satisfied clients and my family is Coach-Net covered as well!” – Scott  “Shu” Shaver, Business  Manager

To learn more about purchasing Coach-Net for your coach or if you plan to buy a new coach in the near future and want to learn more, call 855-212-7306 and speak to one of our RV experts today.

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