Winterizing your Class A Motorhome

Winter comes around every year, and it can be hard to avoid. You will want to make sure to protect your investments, including your Class A motorhome whether it is a Thor Motor Coach, Entegra, or any Class A RV. We provide a list of steps to ensure that your Motorhome is Winterized and ready to the cold months. Whether you need assistance or have questions, you can always contact Beaver Coach Sales for more information or let our service department winterize for you. We are located in Bend, Oregon proudly serving the areas of Eugene, Eugene, Salem, Portland, along with Vancouver, Seattle, Washington, and Redding, California.

  1. Empty Holding Tanks and Pipes
    The first thing you need to do when you’re winterizing your motorhome is get as much water as you can out of your RV. To accomplish this you’ll first need to drain out your fresh water tank, and then your gray and black tanks. The black tank will need to be cleaned, which can be done using the black tank flush (if installed on newer models) or using a black tank wand if a black tank flush is not available.You will also need to drain your water heater. DO NOT DRAIN YOUR WATER HEATER WHILE IT IS HEATED OR UNDER PRESSURE. Open the pressure relief valve, and pull the drain plug. Close the valve and replace the water heater drain plug once the tank finishes draining.Now you’ll need to empty the plumbing. Go through the RV and open each of the valves (both hot and cold) on every faucet. Open the low point drain and turn on your water pump, This will push the water out of your plumbing. As soon as no more water is coming out of the plumbing shut off the pump to avoid damage. Close off the open valves.
  2. Water Heater Bypass
    Most new RVs, including our selection of Thor Motor Coach and Entegra RVs, are already equipped with a winterization bypass for the water heater, however if you own an older motorhome you will want to install one now. Installing the bypass is not necessarily critical to the winterization process, but it will save you plenty of time and money, as your antifreeze will not have to fill the water heater before it reaches the rest of your plumbing.If you need assistance installing a water heater bypass kit contact our service department and schedule an appointment and we’ll be happy to help.
  3. Winterizing Pipes
    With your water heater bypass installed, it’s time to get antifreeze into the pipes. Hook up a water pump conversion kit or put the inlet tube from your water pump into your Antifreeze jug. Make sure you’re using the red non-toxic RV antifreeze which is suitable for use with potable water systems. With your antifreeze ready to go, start the water pump and move through your RV starting closest to the water pump and open each valve on each faucet. Leave the valve open until you see the antifreeze start to come out, then move to the next. Once you’ve got antifreeze out of each faucet, flush the toilet until you see antifreeze there. During this time you will likely have to replace your container of antifreeze. Shut off the pump and pour a cup of antifreeze down each drain (as well as the toilet). Reconnect your water pump and double check that all of your valves are closed. Unless you have any other water using appliances that’s all you need to do!
  4. Last Touches
    For motorhomes equipped with an icemaker, washing machine, or other water using appliances, make sure to winterize these independently according to the instructions in your owner’s manual. Once you’ve got these taken care of you your RV should be set for the winter.

Winterizing Maintenance and Service in Oregon, Washington, and California

No matter what Motorhome or RV you may have, it is alway important to winterize it to ensure nothing goes wrong during the colder season. Repairs can be expensive, so it is best to be prepared. If you need any assistance with any of these steps, please contact our service department at Beaver Coach Sales and set up an appointment to ensure you are ready for Winter! Located in Bend, Oregon, Beaver Coach Sales services for the entire region from Redding, California to Seattle, Washington.