Tips to Increase RV Efficiency

Full-timers, part-timers, and the occasional summer RV vacationers can all benefit from traveling more efficiently on and off the road. It may be hard to imagine how such a large vehicle could be energy efficient, but there are several ways to improve your RVs efficiency through simple, manageable moderations. Below are some energy saving recommendations we encourage anyone living or traveling in class A, B, C, motorhomes, gas or diesel pushers to adopt.

Installing RV Solar Panels

If you like to go off the grid and find a place to boondock, or maybe often find yourself in tight camping quarters at festivals or events where you can’t run generators consistently, solar panels are your best option for efficiency. Installing solar on your motorhome will maximize the time you can spend cut off from civilization and still using power. The cost of solar installation can vary depending on the size of the coach and the estimated amount of energy you will need, but the long-term benefits significantly outweigh the initial cost with the money you can save if it makes sense for your traveling needs.  Free energy is our favorite kind of energy! You can thank the sun for that.

Insulating Water Pipes

Imagine turning on your shower to instant hot water! Okay, maybe it’ll be a few seconds, but with insulated water pipes, the amount of time is near to nothing you’re accustomed to waiting for hot water. Insulation serves as a cozy blanket and helps to keep your RV pipes from freezing during the winter. Simply wrapping the water lines in wrap or insulation will protect the hardware from cold, harsh temperatures and provide you with hot water without excessive help from the gas or electric systems.

Using an RV Skirt

Yes, even RVs can wear a skirt!😉 Commonly referred to as “RV skirting”, this is the process of attaching a sheet of weather-bearing material to the bottom of your RV to shield the cold airflow under your motorhome. This added layer of insulation will help keep the heat inside your RV during colder climates and reduce the energy costs needed to maintain the temperature in your rig; it’s one of the best ways to insulate your whole RV. You can buy motorhome skirts through custom RV skirting websites or through your manufacturer to ensure it will fit correctly around the base of your coach.

Performing Routine RV Maintenance

Scheduling routine RV maintenance appointments will improve the overall lifespan of your coach and its energy efficiency. Standard things like changing the air filter can increase your RV’s mileage by up to 10 percent, not to mention increase the overall driveability of your coach.  Checking the tire pressure of your rig is one of the easiest, yet most commonly forgot about methods to increase MPG on the road. Most rigs will have a tire monitoring system installed to alert you when your tires are low, and if not, it’s an investment you’ll want to make or surely include if you buy a new RV. Proper, regular maintenance will ensure that any issues that can affect your coach’s optimal performance will be fixed before they dwindle your fuel efficiency or worse, damage your coach.

For other suggestions to ensure maximum efficiency of your motorhome, call the Beaver Coach Service Department at 855-212-7306 to talk to one of our professional RV experts.


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  1. Thanks for pointing out that maintaining the RV before anything else will keep you for repair issues which can damage the vehicle a lot. I will share this with my husband so that he can get our RV checked on time. This is important especially that we got this RV from an auto dealer, so it is already used and old.

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