The Best RV Protective Coating: Duratain

Purchasing a new RV is a big deal, one you likely debated and researched for a length of time. The initial fresh leather smell, shiny paint, spotless countertops, and everything in between will make you feel like royalty! Alas, that new look and feel will not preserve itself without a little TLC.

Duratain RV protective products help uphold the exquisite condition of your RV for years to come. Duratain makes the most quality RV protective coating and maintenance products and earned a top reputation in the RV customer community.

To preserve and protect all the features of your new RV for years to come, Beaver Coach Sales highly recommends treating your coach with the trusted line of Duratain products.

Why Duratain

A family business just like Beaver Coach Sales, Duratain stands behind their products to earn them one of the highest reputations in the RV industry. The goal is often to keep your purchases looking new for as long as possible. If you want your investment in a motorhome to go furthest, then maintaining the condition should be a priority to preserve the interior and exterior.

The Duratain Product Lineup

Exterior (VC-1)

Bid farewell to your annual RV exterior waxing appointments! Applying Duratain VC-1 exterior coating to your coach can eliminate waxing for up to 5 years! This includes the preservation of color and finishes on your RV’s exterior paint. It also prevents and eliminates black-streak stains from appearing, prolonging that just purchased glow!

Interior (VC-2)

Your RV is your home on wheels and often a space you’ll live in for months at a time (or years for you full-timers!) We will be the first to warn you that accidents can happen, just like they would in your brick & mortar home. Dinner guests will walk in with dirty shoes, dogs will run and jump on your couch with muddy paws, husbands will accidentally spill red wine in the recliner- it’s all a part of life and only a minor inconvenience when your interior is protected with Duratain. The VC-2 application requires no “off-gassing,”  making it safe for children and pets!

Awning, Leather, and Vinyl (VC-3)

The exposed parts of your coach like the awning, leather, and vinyl features are all subject to inclement weather and damage from harsh conditions. These items are prime candidates for Duratain’s VC-3.  In addition to preserving the life of the material, it also creates a cleanable surface, resists fading or cracks in the leather, and prevents mold from growing, all guaranteed by Duratain for 5 years!

Shielded Undercoating (VC-4)

The undercarriage of your RV is just as important as the exposed parts of your RV. Duratain’s VC-4 protective coating prevents rust and corrosion from building underneath your RV and seals the joints and seams. It also doubles as extra insulation, thereby inhibiting road noise. VC-4 is formulated to withstand the harshest environmental conditions, never cracking nor chipping.

BCS Stamp of Approval

Beaver Coach Sales backs and fully trusts everything we sell or recommend to our customers. We are proud to offer Duratain at our dealership because we want your RV to stay in tip-top condition, inside and out!  

Although we love to see you for regular service appointments to keep everything working smoothly and efficiently, if we can minimize the annual amount of labor you need to be performed on your RV, then we’ve done our job right.  


To learn more about purchasing Duratain products for your coach or if you plan to buy a new coach in the near future and want to include them in your purchase package, call 855-212-7306 and speak to one of our RV product experts.

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