Tyron Safety Bands: Keep Your Britches Out of the Ditches

Why is Tyron necessary for every RV owner to have? Simple: “To keep your britches out of the ditches.” -Beaver Coach Sales Customer, Gene Bacon. Tyron bands are installed inside your tires to minimize damage caused to your RV in the event of a flat tire. The bands work by locking the rubber material of your tire to the wheel well, thereby eliminating the friction and loss of control caused when a wheel well meets pavement. These bands save lives and are used in patrol, military, and fire department vehicles. Testimonials, like this one from Gene, are therefore not uncommon:

“On Tuesday, May 29th we were on I-86 on our way to Watkins Glen, NY. Earlier in the day, we had stopped for fuel and when exiting the highway we ran over something and caused a large jolt to the coach. Upon getting back on the interstate we looked to see what it was we hit but could see nothing.

About an hour later, I was passing another Rv on I-86 doing approx. 65 MPH and the left front tire blew-out. The coach tried to go left toward the ditch, but I was able to get us stopped on the left shoulder and subsequently moved to the right shoulder.

There was very little damage to our coach because TYRON didn’t let the tire leave the rim (bend generator exhaust pipe and a couple of sheet metal screws torn loose.) The tire almost nonexistent but the bead was still on the outside of the wheel thanks to my TYRON!

The system saved our lives I will never travel again in our coach without TYRON in the front wheels.

– Gene Bacon, Beaver Coach Sales Customer


-Video by Scott Witty

The Tryon Effect

More than 20 million Americans experience tire blowouts and punctures every year, which means the likelihood of you experiencing a blowout in your lifetime is high. Tyron Safety Bands protect and support your tire during a blowout. The Tyron bands are fitted and attached over your wheel well and provide increased stability and control over your steering and brake control when you need it most. Taking proactive steps like installing Tyron Bands on your RV, and any of your other vehicles will help protect you against the ramifications of tire failure.

Safety First  

A common and valid concern for every RV owner is safety. Tyron has proven it can save lives. It is “the most tested and proven safety product ever produced.” -Tyron

We wish tire blowouts would never happen, but they do. As an RV dealership, it benefits us to ensure the longevity and safety of our clients.  For that reason, we encourage RV safety education and preventative care. With Tyron, you can rest assured that you will be protected.

A Beaver Coach Sales Recommended Product

Beaver Coach Sales does not sell or recommend anything we wouldn’t use in our personal vehicles. We have heard from our customers and seen first-hand the benefits of Tyron’s safety bands. Tyron Safety Bands, therefore, receive the Beaver Coach Sales “Best Purchase You Can Make for Your Motorhome” honorable mention for Spring 2019.

To learn more about purchasing Tyron Bands for your coach or if you plan to buy a new coach in the near future and want to include them in your purchase, call 855-212-7306 and speak to one of our RV experts. 



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